Zoetis genomic testing now available through Red Angus Association of America

Farm Forum

PARSIPPANY, N.J. — Red Angus breeders are now able to order the Zoetis HD 50KTM and i50K genomic tests, as well as tests for parentage and genetic conditions for seedstock animals directly from the Red Angus Association of America (RAAA). Zoetis and the RAAA today announced a distribution agreement between the two organizations. The RAAA will process orders, execute billing, and submit samples on behalf of breeders to Zoetis for genotyping.

“We’re excited about the partnership with Zoetis and are looking forward to having them more involved in the Red Angus breed,” said Tom Brink, CEO, RAAA. “We want as many Red Angus cattle as possible to be genomically tested as to further grow our base population. This is good for all Red Angus breeders.”

The agreement means a new process for Red Angus breeders to submit orders and DNA samples for testing directly to the RAAA, as well as new billing procedures and a new order form.

“This partnership between the RAAA and Zoetis is a collaboration for dependable member service, further advancement of Red Angus genetics, and ongoing opportunities for innovation in cattle breeding,” said Kent Andersen, Director of Genetics Technical Services, U.S. Cattle-Equine with Zoetis. “Zoetis is pleased to offer Red Angus breeders and commercial users of Red Angus genetics another means to get dependable genomic enhanced expected progeny differences (GE-EPDs) for the complete range traits to make more profitable selection, breeding and marketing decisions.”

Red Angus breeders and their bull buyers can use GE-EPDs and parentage verification powered by i50K to help make more dependable breeding decisions involving young animals. This is especially beneficial for difficult, time-consuming and expensive to measure traits (i.e., direct and maternal calving ease, stayability, marbling). Early in life, more information about an animal’s genetic potential can be known than if that animal had 10 – 20 progeny, daughter and carcass records contributing to its traditional EPDs.1

Knowing more, sooner, about an animal’s genetic potential helps breeders make selection, mating and marketing decisions with greater efficiency. Early on, breeders can more dependably know, for example, if animals should be selected to enter the breeding herd as replacement females, further developed and marketed as open or bred females, used as donor females in embryo transfer or culled for feeding purposes. i50K also better guides decisions on whether bull calves should be performance tested and eventually sold as bulls for a variety of more clearly determined purposes, or castrated for feeding.

Zoetis i50K for Red Angus is available now. To learn more about i50K and how it can be used to help improve the accuracy, scope and profitability of breeding decisions – as well as ordering – contact a Zoetis or RAAA representative or visit www.i50K.com.