HydroGreen Global Technologies, Inc. partners with Summit Contracting for product open house

Farm Forum

Platte, S.D. — Summit Contracting of Platte, S.D., hosted an open house for area livestock producers, FFA chapter students and interested residents on Nov. 9 in conjunction with HydroGreen Global Technologies, Inc., Renner, S.D. HydroGreen constructed a HydroGreen Grow System in the shop area of Summit Contracting. HydroGreen demonstrated the fully automated hydroponic process of harvesting, seeding, and irrigating barley seed used to grow live green feed for all types of livestock. The innovative and technological method grows seed to feed in six days!

Attendees were treated to two different demonstrations of the HydroGreen Grow System in use, along with Meyerink Farm Services, Platte, S.D., conveyor, mixer wagon and feeding demonstrations.

HydroGreen Grow Systems are being marketed to livestock producers to allow farmers and ranchers produce a high quality, consistent feed 365 days/year without needing additional land or equipment.

The HydroGreen Grow System is installed in an environmentally controlled farm building, maintaining a 70° temperature and proper humidity levels year around. Different size Grow Systems are available to produce a few hundred pounds to several tons of live green feed a day.

Summit Contracting has been in business since 2009 in Platte and recently opened an office in Pierre, S.D. Summit Contracting offers ag and commercial buildings, grain bins, hog confinement and dairy systems, along with crane services. Visit www.summitcontractingsd.com to learn more.

HydroGreen Global Technologies was founded by entrepreneurial farmer/rancher Dihl Grohs because he wanted to find a better way to feed his livestock healthy live green feed year around and create a method for young farmers to get started and expand their herds without expensive land acquisitions. HydroGreen has developed a fully automated hydroponic system that uses technology and innovation to eliminate the manual labor involved with feeding. HydroGreen’s system is environmentally friendly; no herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers are used. Visit www.livegreenfeed.com to learn more.