Kuhn introduces triple mower combinations for maximizing output

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Kuhn is proud to introduce new additions to the proven GMD lineup of disc mowers. The GMD 10030 (rear mount) and GMD 3525 F (front mount) can combine to create a triple-mount machine that takes productivity to a whole new level. The total combined working width of up to 32’6” knocks down large fields in no time, while exclusive features provide strong returns on investment by reducing maintenance and downtime.

The rear-mounted GMD 10030 is compatible with Cat. 3 and 4N hitches and features independent hydraulic lift of the mowing units as standard, making point rows and oddly shaped fields no problem. The high-lift discs and Lift-Control hydro-pneumatic suspension ensure excellent cut quality and crop throughput, even in the toughest conditions. Fast-Fit knives and the Optidisc lubed-for-life cutterbar take the time and headache out of regular maintenance. Should the mower strike an obstacle while working, the continuous hydraulic safety automatically pivots up and back minimizing the risk of damage. Overlap control combines with the front-mount mower to give up to 18” of overlap for hilly conditions or when mowing in pivots.

Teaming up with Kuhn’s rear-mount mowers is the GMD 3525 F (11’6”) front-mount mower. This unit contains all of the same great features as the rear-mount machines while using a modern “hammerhead” design that offers excellent visibility from the cab. Converging drums on the Optidisc cutterbar create a windrow narrow enough to fit between the tractor tires to avoid value robbing run over of the cut crop. Additionally, the smaller GMD 3125 F (10’2”) is compatible with the proven GMD 8730 for a combined working width of up to 28’7” while the GMD 3525 F matches with the new GMD 10030 for up to a 32’6” combined working width.

The new GMD triple mowers from Kuhn will provide years of reliable service and profitable returns for any large hay or forage operation looking for maximum productivity and flexibility while keeping maintenance costs low.