Minnesota Farmers Union elects new president

Fergus Falls Daily Journal
Minn. McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

Minnesota Farmers Union held a special election on Jan. 21 to elect a new president to replace former president, Doug Peterson, who retired Dec. 31. The election consisted of the full board members of county presidents from around that state.

Former MFU Vice President Gary Wertish was elected by the full board members on Jan. 21 to be the 10th president of Minnesota Farmers Union.

Wertish has served as the vice president of Minnesota Farmers Union since 2009 and has filled in as interim president since the retirement of Peterson.

Prior to being vice president, Wertish had worked as a field representative for Farmers Union. He worked for Sen. Mark Dayton as his agricultural director. He farms with one of his sons raising corn, soybeans and navy beans.

“Today marks a new era within the Farmers Union organization. Being elected as the new president is humbling,” Wertish said. “I look forward to continue working with entire Farmers Union membership, along with other agricultural groups to enhance the economic interests of a struggling rural economy, which is just as important now as it ever has been. We will work to keep our momentum flowing and to bring new ideas to the table that will help us reach new goals within the organization, and to continue fighting and representing family farmers.”

Wertish and his wife, Jeanne, have four children and live in Renville.