Red Angus and Allflex announce new program partnership

Red Angus Association of America
Farm Forum

Denton, Texas – The longest-running USDA Processed Verified Program – the Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program that was launched in 1994 – announced a new tag provider recently. A new partnership with Allflex, USA Inc., officially began March 1, 2017. FCCP and Allied Access program participants will begin receiving Allflex USA, Inc. tags upon program enrollment as the current inventory of tags is depleted.

“We are excited about our new partnership with Allflex and believe that cattlemen around the country will find that the Allflex “FCCP” tag will meet their demands for ease of use and the ever-important tag retention,” said Chessie Mitchell, Red Angus Association of America tag program coordinator.

“Allflex has a long unwavering commitment to provide products and expertise for specialty identification programs in North America and we look forward to working with the Red Angus Association of America,” remarks Donna James-Tejes, Commercial Services Manager for Allflex USA, Inc. “We are pleased to provide the products, logistics, and official protocols to meet the needs of their members.”

The FCCP program — while well established and recognized in the industry — is currently enjoying record growth. Research has shown that calves positively identified in the marketplace as Red Angus consistently sell for a premium over other breeds. January and February 2017 were record-setting months for calf enrollments into the program. More commercial beef producers are using Red Angus bulls to efficiently produce high-quality beef and using the FCCP tag to identify their genetics. “February calf enrollments topped 36,700 head, the largest, single-month enrollment in the history of the program with year-to-date enrollments of 113,800 head,” said Mitchell. “This is exciting news and year-to-date calf enrollments are 15% above a year ago.”

“The Allflex partnership will allow us to continue to provide responsive customer service to cattlemen participating in FCCP as we continue to experience growth in the program,” said Mitchell.

The FCCP program is free to enroll and the only cost is the 99-cent dangle tag or $3 EID-dangle tag combination.