Livestock Sale Summary – Nelson Angus

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Nelson Angus 13th Annual Production Sale

When: April 1, 2017

Where: At the Farm, Carpenter, S.D.

Auctioneer: Glenn Gaikowski


24 Registered Black Angus Bulls – $3,260

1 Registered Red Angus Bull – $3,400

30 Commercial Angus Open Heifers – $1,108

Randy and Vicki Nelson of Carpenter, S.D., hosted their 13th Annual Production Sale at the farm with standing room only. Nelson Angus Bulls are naturally thick-made and easy fleshing bred for use and longevity. They were humbled by many repeat buyers and greatly appreciated the new interest that took the time to see what they had to offer. It was a good sale and was topped off by a very nice set of commercial Angus heifers. Randy and Vicki say, “There is no bigger compliment than being included as a part of your operation by using a Nelson Angus bull.” The sale was more than just a sale with current and retired cattlemen taking the opportunity to “shoot the bull,” per se. The Nelsons appreciate the local support and confidence of buyers from as far away as Howes, S.D.

High Selling Lots:

$5,750 – Lot 321, NAR Resource 6321, a 2/4/16 son of SAV Resource 1441 sold to Megan Nelson, Carpenter, S.D.

$4,600 – Lot 529, NAR Cash 45 6529, a 1/20/16 son of RCL Cash 45, sold to Hohm Farms, Yale, S.D.

$4,000 – Lot 003, NAR Resource 6003, a 2/1/16 son of SAV Resource 1441 sold to Kerwin Kannegieter, Willow Lake, S.D.

$4,000 – Lot 525, NAR Cash 45 6525, a 1/20/16 son of RCL Cash 45 sold to Kaley Madsen, Madsen Farms, Carpenter, S.D.

$3,400 – RED ANGUS Lot V1, NAR Big Sky 6V1, a 3/7/16 son of Feddes Big Sky R9 sold to Jake Nelson, Nelson Livestock, Willow Lake, S.D.

$1,200 – 5 Open Commercial Angus Heifers sold to Doug Sunde, Madison, S.D.