Wildfire Awareness Month Coloring Contest winners announced

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South Dakota Department of Agriculture

RAPID CITY – The Division of Wildland Fire is announcing the South Dakota Wildfire Awareness Month’s Coloring Contest winners Layla Norrie of Box Elder, from the three to seven age group, and Paden Belkham of Blundt, for the eight to twelve age group. Both will be awarded a plush Smokey Bear toy.

The contest theme this year was “Be Ember Aware” which encourages members of the community to learn about the danger of embers during a wildfire and what they can do to reduce the risk.

There were 333 total entries with 162 in the three to seven age group and 171 entries in the eight to twelve age group.

South Dakota Wildfire Awareness Month is planned by interagency cooperation and was created to promote wildfire awareness, safety, and prevention through public events held throughout South Dakota to remind citizens of the dangers of wildland fire and the simple steps that should be followed to prepare for and prevent them. This year South Dakota has joined a multi-state proclamation with eight other states in promoting Wildfire Awareness during the month of May 2017.

To learn more about South Dakota Wildland Fire Awareness Month and to see other events, please visit our website: www.sdwildfireawareness.com.

Follow South Dakota Wildland Fire on Twitter @SDWildlandFire and on Facebook by searching SD Wildland Fire.

Paden Belkham of Blundt, winner of the eight to twelve age group. Courtesy photo
Layla Norrie of Box Elder, winner of the three to seven age group. Courtesy photo