Warrington thanked for his service to SD Wheat Commission

South Dakota Wheat Commission
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The South Dakota Wheat Commission recently thanked Leo Warrington for his dedicated service. Commissioner Warrington served for six years following his appointment by Governor Dennis Daugaard in 2011.

Warrington has been farming since 1973 and has operated a seed cleaning facility in Bristol SD since 1990. He has served on the Foundation Seed Board of Directors and is a long time member of his local Crop Improvement Association and the SD Crop Improvement Association. He is a member of the Midwest Shippers Association and has held positions on both his local school and township boards.

Reid Christopherson, South Dakota Wheat Commission executive director stated, “I have always appreciated Commissioner Warrington’s extremely sharp focus upon future value-added opportunities for wheat. He recognizes the urgent need for producers to access future and emerging markets.”

Clint Vanneman (left), Chair of the South Dakota Wheat Commission, thanks Leo Warrington for his dedicated service. Courtesy photo