Permanent ice shacks in North Dakota have to float

Staff reports
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Anglers in North Dakota are reminded that any fish house left unoccupied on state waters must be made out of materials that will allow it to float.

A popular question this time of year is if campers qualify as legal fish houses. The answer is the same for any structure taken on the ice: if it’s left unattended, it must be able to float; if it’s not able to float, it must be removed when the angler leaves the ice.

Other fish house regulations in North Dakota include:

• Fish houses do not require a license.

• Occupied structures do not require identification. However, any unoccupied fish house must have an equipment registration number issued by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, or the owner’s name and either address or telephone number displayed on its outside in readily distinguishable characters at least 3 inches high.

• Fish houses may not be placed closer than 50 feet in any direction to another house without consent of the occupant of the other fish house.

• All unoccupied fish houses must be removed from all waters by midnight on March 15.

Anglers should refer to the 2016-18 North Dakota Fishing Guide for other winter fishing regulations.