2018 SDSU Extension Pest Management Guides now available

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BROOKINGS — SDSU Extension has released the 2018 Pest Management Guides. The four guides are now available online at no cost to South Dakotans thanks to support from several sponsors.

“These guides are completely updated and revised to provide South Dakotans with research-based recommendations for controlling weeds, insects and diseases,” explained Paul O. Johnson, SDSU Extension weed science coordinator.

Johnson added that the 2018 Pest Management Guides include several new products as well as older products now sold under new names as well as the corresponding changes made to labeling instructions such as; rates for the chemicals, rotation restrictions, additive rates and products.

“Although much has changed, the prices for the products are similar to last year,” he said.

To access these valuable management tools, visit

There are four pest management guides which provide information for the following crops:

• 2018 Pest Management Guide: Alfalfa & Oilseeds – this guide includes information on the following crops; alfalfa, canola, flax, safflower and sunflowers.

• 2018 Pest Management Guide: Corn.

• 2018 Pest Management Guide: Soybeans.

• 2018 Pest Management Guide: Wheat – this guide includes information on the following crops; barley, rye, oats, durum, millet and triticale.

Sponsors cover costs

Sponsors of the 2018 SDSU Extension Pest Management Guides include: South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion council, The Corn Utilization council, the SDSU Extension IPM Program, South Dakota Department of Agriculture and the SDSU Extension WEED Project.

“Without these generous sponsors, these guides would not be updated each year. Our team appreciates their support and investment in this valuable management tool,” Johnson said.