Angus Media announces launch of Angus Sales TV

Katy Holdener Angus Communications
Farm Forum

In today’s world, videography is taking over media platforms at an ever-increasing rate. Now more than ever, filmed promotional materials allow a farm or ranch to connect with their audience in a more engaging and productive way. Angus Media is excited to announce the launch of its new video addition to sale catalogs, Angus Sales TV. Take your promotional dollars further with the addition of videography to your sale catalog and much more.

Angus Sales TV is a portfolio of video services ranging from video shoots, editing, posting and promotion. Now, as prospective customers flip through your online sale catalog, they can simply click on an image of an offering, and the lot’s video launches instantaneously.

“In 2017, Angus Media online sale catalogs received more than 38 million views,” said Angus Productions Inc. President Rick Cozzitorto. “By adding videos with your sale catalog on the Angus Media website, you will be on a site with the most page views in the agricultural industry, exposing your program to the largest audience possible. With Angus Media, the possibilities for your cattle marketing options are endless.”

Allow potential customers to get to know your operation beyond the pages of a sale catalog. Angus Sales TV is available to develop and create an added sense of excitement around your program and production sales. With 38 million sale catalog page views in 2017, the Angus Media team is the leader in first-class production catalogs and promotional materials.

For more information regarding Angus Sales TV, contact Brett Spader at 816-383-5100, ext. 205 or