National Junior Angus Association announces State of the Year Award

Katy Holdener Angus Communications
Farm Forum

Participation of state associations in contests and events is an integral piece of National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) success. In order to recognize state associations that go above and beyond, the NJAA established the State of the Year Award. Winning states have demonstrated outstanding performance in their services and are dedicated to ensuring the achievement of junior members.

The NJAA Board of Directors will select a winner from applications received prior to the 2018 National Junior Angus Show in Madison, Wisconsin. Deadline for applications is March 1. Participation will be considered on a weighted basis and take into account the number of members in the state association and/or the number of members who attend junior activities. Adult association activities will not be taken into account, unless the junior association planned the activity.

“The State of the Year Award was created to recognize junior state associations that are committed to going the extra mile,” said Director of Events and Education Jaclyn Clark. “We want to commend them for providing opportunities for junior members in the areas of involvement, leadership, growth and development.”

The winner of the State of the Year Award will be recognized at the 2018 National Junior Angus Show. State associations interested in applying for the State of the Year award can find the application here.

For more information about the State of the Year Award, contact the events and education department at 816-383-5100 or