2017 Wheat Yield Contest winners

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Even with tough weather conditions throughout 2017, South Dakota wheat producers submitted high yielding, high quality wheat for our 2nd Annual Wheat Yield Contest hosted by SD Wheat Inc. Paul Leiseth from Hazel, produced the award winning yield at 109.33 bushels per acre, (bpa) with a protein of 14.1 percent with Valda a spring wheat variety from Syngenta.

But Robert Holzworth, also from Hazel, gave him a run for the money with his prize winning spring wheat entry for South Dakota and the National Wheat Yield Contest! His field produced 103.12 bushels per acre, having 13.3 percent protein with a Minnesota variety called Bolles.

Dennis Simons and his brother Doug are credited with good management practices for their prize winning results. Their farms are located in the St Lawrence area and both submitted spring wheat varieties produced by SDSU. Dennis planted Brick and produced 68.76 bpa with 13.2 percent protein, while Doug planted Forefront and yielded 60.3 bpa with 12 percent protein.

Kevin Neuhauser from Midland planted a winter wheat variety called Memorial which yielded 44.7 bpa and 15.8 percent protein. Abeln Farms, near Groton, submitted two spring wheat varieties which brought them into the winner’s circle. Trigger produced 72.94 bpa and Prevail produced 72.54 bpa!

Applications for 2018 must in to the SD Wheat Inc., office by May 15. Applications can be found at our local sponsors or at

Thank you to our sponsors who make this contest possible. All sponsorships are used for prize money. Sponsors include CHS Midwest Cooperative, CHS Northern Plains, CHS Southwest Grains, Wheat Growers Elevator, North Central Farmers Elevator, Oahe Grain Corporation, Sioux Nation, and Dakota Mill & Grain.

From left, Paul Leiseth Raleigh Leesman, Dennis Simons, Doug Simons, Kevin Neuhauser are 2017 Wheat Yield Contest winners. Courtesy photo