Resources available when making 2018 cattle marketing decisions

SDSU Extension
Farm Forum

BROOKINGS — According to the most recent National Ag Statistics Service (NASS) Cattle Report, South Dakota’s total cattle inventory is up from last year.

“There are currently more cattle on feed and fewer cattle outside of feedlots in South Dakota,” said Matthew Diersen, professor and SDSU Extension risk/business management specialist of the report released January 31.

With this in mind, Diersen said cattle producers will want to review futures and basis levels when making 2018 marketing decisions.

“The changes across classes were not consistent. Thus, benchmarks may prove useful for pricing and marketing decisions,” Diersen said.

Cattle producers can access common benchmarks and basis levels by reviewing the SDSU Extension document, Monthly Cattle Prices and Basis Levels. This document, along with an article authored by Diersen which analyzes the NASS report, Cattle Price Considerations For 2018, can be found by visiting and searching by the document titles.