Permit needed in MN when applying pesticide or fertilizer through irrigation system

Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Farm Forum

ST. PAUL, Minn. — As Minnesotans look ahead to another growing season, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is issuing a reminder to those with irrigation systems: If you plan to apply fertilizer or pesticide through your irrigation system, you are required to obtain a chemigation permit from the MDA.

A permit for chemigation is required for farms, greenhouses, golf courses, nurseries and other settings where agricultural chemicals are applied through an irrigation system that is directly connected to a water supply. Agricultural chemicals include fertilizers and pesticides. A person operating the system is responsible for obtaining the permit and complying with all regulatory requirements. Operators must:

• Complete an online application form.

• Pay the required fee ($250 for pesticide only, $250 for fertilizer and pesticide, or $50 for fertilizer only).

By filling out the application, the operator must certify that all antipollution requirements have been met; all antipollution devices are properly installed and functional prior to each use; and, other requirements intended to prevent surface and/or groundwater contamination are followed.

More information on a chemigation permit, including forms and fact sheets, can be found on the MDA website.

If you have questions, contact MDA Chemigation Program Consultants Jim Freilinger at 320-243-7382 or Jeff Lorentz at 320-223-6547.