Iberoamerican Swine Nutrition Roundtable event tackles complex sow and piglet issues

Farm Forum

SITGES, Spain — The second Iberoamerican Swine Nutrition Roundtable, hosted by Novus International, Inc., brought together swine experts from Europe and Latin America to discuss the various challenges facing swine nutrition, specifically feeding sows for more productive offspring (epigenetics) and alternatives to antibiotic use.

“Animal production is an ever-changing landscape,” said Mercedes Vazquez-Anon, the senior director of animal nutrition and facilities at Novus and participant in the roundtable. “We must keep up, and the best way to do that is through open dialogue across the industry from breeders to nutritionists to researchers and final processors. This is how we will be prepared to feed the world.”

Held April 4-6 in Sitges, Spain, more than 50 swine professionals participated including swine nutritionists, academics and researchers from various segments of animal nutrition. At this forum, selected swine experts shared information regarding their respective regions (representing countries from Colombia to France), as well as the global swine industry. This year, the three-day event encouraged even more open, in-depth discussion of ideas brought up by each presentation. These discussions focused on nutrition as a tool to improve progeny and overcome the challenges of hyperprolific sows and early piglet development as well as best practices for managing health in a changing global market (regulatory changes, consumer preference changes, etc.). Participants left with a more specific picture of each regions’ challenges as well the opportunities for collaborative work and inspiration for innovation.

“The best source of knowledge lies in one another,” said Sandra Rodrigues, the Novus regional technical service manager in Latin America. “We focus on real, actionable options for improving nutrition, for sows and piglets, and learning more about all challenges facing modern swine production allow us to do our job better.”

The event also included a visit to the unique Albesa Ramadera pig farm in Lleida, Spain to further inspire innovative thought. This facility is focused on testing new technologies and creating a more efficient and more advanced swine production industry by sharing its findings and work with the public.

The Iberoamerican Swine Nutrition Roundtable is just one of many Novus Forums that bring together a multitude of viewpoints across the livestock, aquaculture and poultry industry for productive collaboration. More information about Novus’s forums, swine research and other animal nutrition solutions can be found at