NDSU Agribusiness and Applied Economics banquet kicks off centennial year

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NDSU Extension

The centennial year of North Dakota State University’s Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics kicked off with an April 16 banquet.

“In the early 1900s, agricultural producers met to learn about farm business management,” said William Nganje, department chair. “Today, issues range from sustaining natural resources to production, marketing, transportation, financing, and processing of food and energy, as well as food safety.

“Our educators and researchers continue to work with students, business people and consumers in the classroom and across the state,” he added. “The technologies have changed, but the goals of understanding and serving have not changed, nor has the dedication faltered. This centennial is an opportunity to reflect on the past and envision the future.”

At the banquet, Agribusiness Club members recognized Shelly Swandal, who has been in the department nearly 32 years, most recently as student services and advising director, with the John Lee Coulter Agribusiness Award. It recognizes individuals for their contributions to agribusiness and for service to their community and state. The students said Swandal guides them on academic matters and personal growth.

Erik Hanson, an assistant professor who teaches agribusiness management and ag finance classes, was recognized for his North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Teaching Award of Merit. The award recognizes individuals whose efforts represent the very best in agricultural higher education.

The team who competed in the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) student marketing competition April 10-13 in Kansas City shared its presentation at the banquet. The team reached the semifinal round in the national competition for the fifth consecutive year.

Team members were Thomas Konetschka, Mendota Heights, Minn.; Clara Konetschka, Mendota Heights; Tressa Johnson, Shoreview, Minn.; Morgie Ege, Princeton, Minn.; Maddie Patterson, Kenyon, Minn.; Dylan Kallman, Lino Lakes, Minn.; Katie Kokett, Evansville, Minn.; Jerrod MacDonald, Bismarck; and Nick Broberg, Minnetonka, Minn.

In addition, 2018-19 scholarship recipients were recognized. They were:

• AgCountry Farm Credit Services Center for Risk and Trade, $1,040 – Adam Kroll, Royalton, Minn.; Adreanna Trzpuc, Kathryn; Jacob Rossbach, Hanska, Minn.; Shelby Hartwig, Albany, Minn.

• AgriBank Farm Credit Center for Risk and Trade, $4,170 – Jerrod MacDonald, Bismarck; Paul Moffet, Barney.

• Blake Miller Memorial, $346 – Cole Ketterling, Wishek.

• CoBank/Ryan Mayer Memorial, $413 – Noah Klinkhammer, Winger, Minn.

• Cole R. Gustafson Memorial, $922 – Jacob Blessum, Rugby.

• Delmer Helgeson Memorial, $895 – Matthew Rausch, Watertown, S.D.

• Donald Senechal Memorial, $475 – Jackson Hankey, Park River.

• Emil Gregory Family, $782 – Blake Buckmier, Maddock.

• Farm Credit Services, Lloyd K. Well Memorial, $242 – Bree Diffely, Fargo.

• G.Leonard and Pam Dalsted Scholarship, $1,425 – Nicholas Becker, Wishek.

• Harold H. and Doris E. Berg Economics Memorial, $1,000 – Alexander Pacella, West Fargo; Nils Hagen, Osakis, Minn.

• Jim and Gwen Howe, $904 – Brynn Rogelstad, Fergus Falls, Minn.

• Jim and Jody Hauge, $829 – Mitchell Molitor, Watkins, Minn.

• Joe Peltier Memorial, $9,040 – Jesse Klebe, Fargo; Ryan Thompson, Lakota; Shelby Grabanski, Kindred; Jessica Fleck, Mandan.

• John Lee Coulter, $1,415 – Hannah Pierson, Maddock.

• L.D. Loftsgaard, $355 – Connor Wendel, Carrington.

• Lester Erickson and H.W. Herbison Undergraduate Award, $1,520 – Adam Austing, Freeport, Minn.; Alyssa Lueck, Renville, Minn.; Ashly Miller, Baldwin; Bailey Erickson, Northwood; Courtney Dohrmann, Dodge Center, Minn.; John Baldwin, Mayville; Katelyn Long, Kintyre; Klarissa Walvatne, Battle Lake, Minn.; Landon Dick, Devils Lake; Mathias Follman, York; Rebecca Schubert, Rice, Minn.; Sierra Heitkamp, Barney.

• North Dakota Farm Credit Services, $1,000 – Maximillion Cossette, Fargo.

• North Dakota Wheat Commission, $500 – Erick Leiseth, Arnegard; Ethan Zetocha, Oakes.

• Perry V. Hemphill Memorial, $454 – David Kiefer, Larimore.

• Peter A. and Kathleen H. Nygaard Memorial, $1,309 – Kaleb Sell, Oakes.

• Phillip E. Austin Study Abroad Undergraduate Scholarship, $2,278 – Gwen Scheresky, Max.

• Randy and Becky Kraft Agricultural Economics Scholarship, $500 – Benjamin Ihland, Breckenridge, Minn.

• Rex Warfield Cox, $424 – Benjamin Anderson, Hoffman, Minn.

• Richard Crockett Memorial, $1,000 – Serena Frederick, Flasher.

• Roland W. Currie and Leona M. Currie Endowment Scholarship, $980 – Carson Keefauver, Cold Spring, Minn.; Hannah Rehder, Moorhead, Minn.; Jonah Sather, Gary, Minn.; Rebecca Klaphake, Melrose, Minn.

• Steve and Jeanette Reimers Memorial Agricultural, $1,882 – Dahltin Pahl, Ellendale.

• Theodore S. Thorfinnson, $261 – Noah Klinkhammer, Winger, Minn.

• Vernon C. Lee Agribusiness and Applied Economics Memorial, $680 – Connor Oie, Madison, Wis.; Isaac Steinke, Hope; Levi Hofer, Northwood.

Scholarships for new students entering fall 2018

• Lester Erickson and H.W. Herbison Freshmen and New Transfer, $500 – Billie Lentz, Rolla; Brandon Pierce, Scranton; Cody Fults, Ashby, Minn.; Marianna DeBlieck, St. Peter, Minn.; Samuel Olson, Long Prairie, Minn.

• Thor Hertsgaard, $1,774 – Ethan Schepp, Velva.

• Dr. Donald and Carol Scott Memorial, $1,460 – Shaun Heier, Lewistown Minn.

Graduate scholarships

• Cliff and Ruth Altermatt, $2,176 – Michael Wanlass, Woodbury, Minn.; Cole Goetz, Mandan.

• Frank Bain, $1,650 – Ann Denk, Mondovi, Wis.; Prince Fosu, Ghana; William Schaefer, Fargo.

• Don and Jo Anderson, $1,500 – Seth Bisbee, York.

Agribusiness Club officers for 2017-18 were:

• President, Dahltin Pahl, Ellendale.

• Vice president, John Baldwin, Mayville.

• Treasurer, Ann Denk, Mondovi, Wis.

• Secretary, David Kiefer, Larimore.

• Social coordinator, Kaci Levorsen, Elgin.

The 2018-19 officers are:

• President, Carson Keefauver, Cold Spring, Minn.

• Vice president, Blake Buckmier, Maddock.

• Treasurer, Adreanna Trzpuc, Kathryn.

• Secretary, Elizabeth Neshem, Berthold.

• Social coordinator, Bailey Erickson, Northwood.

Shelly Swandal, NDSU Agribusiness and Applied Economics Department student services and advising director, receives the John Lee Coulter Agribusiness Award from Dahltin Paul, president of the NDSU Agribusiness Club. NDSU photo
Erik Hanson, an assistant professor in NDSU’s Agribusiness and Applied Economics Department (right), receives the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Teaching Award of Merit from David Buchanan, associate dean in NDSU’s College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources. NDSU photo