Pulse USA settles seed lawsuit

Pulse USA

BISMARCK, N.D. — Pulse USA, Inc., a provider of seeds, seed mixes, and cover crops, has announced a settlement in its lawsuit against Nortana Grain Co. which alleged the Montana-based company unlawfully sold, offered for sale, marketed, brokered, exchanged, transferred and/or had possession of federally protected seed owned or licensed by Pulse USA.

The agreement calls for Nortana to pay Pulse USA and Limagrain Belgium N.V. $100,000.00 with the amount to increase to $250,000.00 if Nortana infringes or uses/sells, without authority, any Pulse USA’s protected seed varieties in the next four years. The Nortana lawsuit and settlement exemplifies the ongoing dedication of Pulse USA to stop the unlawful infringement and unauthorized use/sale of Pulse USA’s protected seed varieties.

“Pulse USA has always welcomed new seed varieties to the pulse crop industry, and we encourage our customers to find the seed that will work best for them. However, we will not hesitate to take action to protect our seed varieties and the amazing work of our dedicated Pulse USA growers and partners around the world. That is why we brought this lawsuit and why we are happy to announce its resolution through a settlement that protects our unique seed varieties,” said Pulse USA Interim Manager Renae Larson.