SDSU Dairy and Food Science Department was strongly represented at annual meeting

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BROOKINGS — The 2018 annual meeting of the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) took place in Knoxville, Tenn., on June 24-27. Approximately 1,800 participants from around the world attended. The South Dakota State University Dairy and Food Science Department was represented by 21 participants that included seven faculty members and 15 students and staff.

Department personnel presented approximately 40 research papers ranging in topics from dairy nutrition and product processing methods to microbiology and food safety. The research presented reflected the work of the past year supported by the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station at SDSU, dairy farmer check-off funds and other external grants acquired by faculty members.

There were over 20 presentations on thesis and dissertation work of graduate students, much of which will be subsequently published in scientific journals. Karla Rodriguez-Hernandez, doctoral student under the mentorship of Jill Anderson, and Neha Neha, doctoral student under the mentorship of Sanjeev Anand, each received third place in their respective oral research presentation contests.

The 2018 SDSU Dairy Club publication, Dairy Digest, received first place in the Outstanding Chapter Yearbook Contest in which dairy clubs from universities around the country submitted their publications. Abigail Hopp, current president of Dairy Club, was the editor.

Professor Sanjeev Anand received the ADSA International Dairy Foods Association Teaching Award in Dairy Manufacturing in recognition of his teaching excellence.

Faculty members Johan Osorio, assistant professor, and Maristela Rovai, assistant professor and SDSU Extension dairy specialist, were invited to serve as chairs of scientific presentation sessions in their areas of expertise.

Dairy and Food Science Department Head Vikram Mistry participated in the ADSA Foundation Board meeting and ADSA Discover Conference Steering Committee meeting. Jill Anderson, associate professor and current president of the Midwest ADSA, also participated in ADSA board meetings.

Numerous SDSU Dairy and Food Science Department alumni presented research papers and participated in various events. Robert Roberts, SDSU alumnus and Head of Food Science at Pennsylvania State University, served as Chair of the ADSA Foundation.

The department also hosted an alumni reception where approximately 50 people attended and had an opportunity to make new and old connections.

Kirby Krogstad was one of the students who presented their undergraduate research at the 2018 ADSA annual meeting. Courtesy photo