Geye, Eudy win Cow-Calf Show at Junior National Hereford Expo

American Hereford Association
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Abby Ann Geye, Rising Star, Texas won the grand champion cow-calf pair at the 19th annual VitaFerm Junior National Hereford Expo in Grand Island, Neb., July 5. The cow-calf show was sponsored by Harfst Ranch, Jacksonville, Ore.

Judge Chris Mullinix, Manhattan, Kan., picked Geye’s pair out of 27 pairs shown.

Geye won grand champion and champion standard cow-calf pair with KLD RW Mindy 88X D86, a May 2016 cow sired by NJW 98S R117 Ribeye 88X ET. She showed with a May heifer calf at side by AAG Kaboom 502D and with expected progeny differences (EPDs) of calving ease (CE) 2.5; birth weight (BW) 3.0; weaning weight (WW) 49; yearling weight (YW) 79; dry matter intake (DMI) 0.0; scrotal circumference (SC) 0.6; sustained cow fertility (SCF) 10.9; maternal milk (MM) 31; maternal calving ease (MCE) 2.6; mature cow weight (MCW) 60; udder suspension (UDDR) 1.20; teat size (TEAT) 1.20; carcass weight (CW) 55; rib fat (FAT) -0.016; ribeye area (REA) 0.34; marbling (MARB) 0.15; baldy maternal index (BMI$) 19; brahman influence index (BII$) 17; and certified Hereford beef (CHB$) 27.

The reserve grand champion and reserve champion standard cow-calf pair was exhibited by Courtney Eudy, Harrisburg, N.C. Eudy’s cow, ADE 14U Jazzy 379A is a January 2013 daughter of Purple MB Womanizer with a November heifer calf at side by Purple Joe Dirt 58A ET. She showed with EPDs of CE -3.8; BW 5.7; WW 62; YW 100; DMI 0.6; SC 1.0; SCF 8.4; MM 24; MCE 2.2; MCW 119; UDDR 1.00; TEAT 1.00; CW 77; FAT 0.004; REA 0.51; MARB -0.11; BMI$ 16; BII$ 15; and CHB$ 31.

Dustin and Wesley Denton, Blue Rapids, Kan., showed the grand champion bred-and-owned cow-calf pair, SH WD Cuttie D656. Sired by C ETF Wildcat 4248 ET, she is a February 2016 cow with a January heifer calf at side by UPS Sensation 2504 ET. She showed with EPDs of CE -3.8; BW 3.3; WW 53; YW 92; DMI 0.1; SC 0.8; SCF 22.0; MM 31; MCE 3.7; MCW 114; UDDR 0.80; TEAT 0.90; CW 79; FAT -0.016; REA 0.78; MARB 0.06; BMI$ 33; BII$ 27; and CHB$ 37.

Bailey, Brett and Lauren Jones, Darlington, Wis., showed the reserve champion bred-and-owned cow-calf pair. Wildcat Mystery 6062 is an April 2016 daughter of CHAC Mason 2214 and showed with an April bull calf at side by Wildcat OC Avant-Garde 138 ET. She showed with EPDs of CE -3.6; BW 4.4; WW 53; YW 84; DMI 0.1; SC 0.6; SCF 12.5; MM 23; MCE -0.9; MCW 111; UDDR 1.00; TEAT 0.80; CW 62; FAT -0.026; REA 0.47; MARB -0.06; BMI$ 21; BII$ 18; and CHB$ 29.