AGI president awarded continuing service to the beef industry

Chloe Fowler
Angus Communications

The Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) focuses on increasing development in beef industry and genetic development. The Continuing Service Award is focused on those individuals who display continued dedication to the industry, as well as have made continued contributions to the federation, through research and service in leadership roles and involvement.

Dan Moser, Angus Genetics Inc. president, was presented with the Continuing Service Award at the 2018 BIF Annual Meeting and symposium in Loveland, Colorado. In addition to his leadership of AGI, Moser is also the director of performance programs for the American Angus Association. His resume speaks for itself with previous work at Kansas State University, the University of Georgia and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Growing up in the seedstock industry, Moser has had a passion for the improvement of breed genetics as well as for teaching any and every one about the complexities of the subject.

“I always liked math and had an interest in the seedstock industry,” Moser said. “When I took my first genetics class, it was like the light came on, and I realized I found something that lets me do both.”

Kelli Retallick, AGI director of genetic service, explained this passion and his successful education of all as one of his strengths.

“While he has been influential in these genetic programs, he is also a great mentor and teacher in his ability to successfully mold together genetic evaluations in an understandable language for all,” Retallick said.

Stephen Miller, AGI director of genetic research, echoed Retallick’s thoughts, saying, “Dan has the ability to make genetic evaluation understandable to breeders and does not mind spending hours on the phone explaining the concepts to anyone.”

Moser has sat on committees in all facets of the beef industry, having spent time on the BIF board of directors, and having spent hours volunteering through the federation both as a speaker and behind the scenes. He also has worked in conjunction with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), the Ultrasound Guidelines Council and the National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium.

“I really believe in the principles of BIF,” Moser said. My first annual meeting was in 1992, and I’ve only missed one since. It was quite a surprise and honor to be recognized for the work put in over the years.”

Moser’s continued dedication to the beef cattle industry has not gone unnoticed, and the Continuing Service Award presented by BIF is a fitting way to recognize the effort put into the industry.

“The American Angus Association and AGI are extremely thankful to have such a talented leader in Dr. Dan Moser on our team,” said Allen Moczygemba, Association CEO. “He is a huge asset, and we are proud to have him.”