Jane Green: Gettin' by

Jane Green
Special to the Farm Forum

This summer is done for and fall came in a hurry. There’s a lot to do and not much time before the snowflakes tickle our noses. I thought you readers might appreciate some positive vibes to ruminate over as you go about your daily tasks this harvest. Enjoy the fall weather and stay safe. And the stories go like this…

Crud in the carburetor

“How are you doing, Calvin?”

“Oh, not so bad. Getting’ by, I guess. Right now, I’m working at full throttle, but I’m still not moving too fast. Must have some crud in my carburetor. ”

“Tsk! Tsk! don’t you realize that’s what happens when you sit around and let yourself get old and rusty. Ya gotta get movin’ man. You don’t want to end up like an old stuck tractor, do you?”

“Not by a darn sight, but did you just call me old? I’ll have you know young lady, that I’m not old. My body only needs a little valve job and possibly an itty-bitty tune-up and I’ll be as good as new.”

“Well then. Get with the program and take care of yourself! Your tractors need you.”

The above conversation took place this summer at an antique tractor show. Like my hubby, Calvin loves old tractors and is mesmerized by them. He lives, breathes, dreams, and talks about old tractors and also collects them. It’s his passion which fuels his energy and keeps him going strong.

People like Calvin are interesting to visit with. They have a twinkle in their eye and a positive zest for life. Calvin’s hobby is old tractors, but his passion is actually the hunt for antique tractor parts or to find just one more special tractor to add to his collection.

He’s a person you can count on to brighten your day. Even though he maintains that he’s just getting’ by, he lifts your spirits and makes life good. Count him a winner.

Mission impossible

Blow me down and call me a dreamer, but we recently experienced a flashback from the past. We still can’t believe it happened, but here’s the story.

There hubby and I were on a mission. A mission predicted to be a failure. And yet we still set out hoping to accomplish the impossible.

We had suffered a breakdown with a piece of equipment and were informed by several entities that it could not be repaired because the individual small parts were no longer manufactured. But according to the dealer’s computer, a brand new updated very expensive replacement part was available. Whoopee for us!

We could buy the whole part, but not the individual pieces. Go figure. This didn’t even make sense. Didn’t the manufacturer have to make the individual pieces in order to make the larger part? Hm?

And then besides the exorbitant cost to this part, we were informed that the part would only take two weeks to be delivered. Whoopee! Whoopee!

And then it happened. Something positive fell right into our laps. How about that? You see, as my dear one was complaining about this latest equipment fiasco to a friend of his, this friend came to our rescue and gave us the name and phone number of a reliable good old-fashioned fixer man business place. He assured us that if anyone could fix it, this man could.

We immediately contacted the fixer man, explained the problem to him, and then took the part to him. Upon arriving at his place of business, the fixer man immediately went to work on it and then kindly told us that he would call us the next day with the verdict. He added that if he couldn’t find the right parts, he could make them. What? Make them? Unbelievable.

True to his word, early the next morning, he called us and gave us his verdict which included the repair time frame, the cost, and then asked if we wanted him to proceed. Talk about courtesy to the max! Yes! Yes! Yes! Proceed, please.

Long story short, everything turned out great and our pocketbook wasn’t drained. Add in the fact that the fixer man was concerned about the time it took him to fix the piece and that he hoped we could get by with his repair work. Customer satisfaction was his number one priority. Count this guy a winner.

We felt this whole experience was indeed a flashback to the good old days. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. But sadly, we also realized that times had changed. ‘Nuff said.


I hope you enjoyed the stories and that all of you good folks out there are gettin’ by.