Aberdeen mayor: Soybean plant will be 'super shot in the arm' to compliment ag industry

Ask the Mayor

Mike Levsen
Aberdeen Mayor

Question: When will the AGP soybean plant be opening, and will there be a ceremony to celebrate that?

Answer: No specific date has been set for the beginning of operations at this huge, new plant.

Work has continued through the winter, but extreme temperatures and other weather events are always factors in how fast things get done in such complicated projects.

Indications are that the opening of the facility will be sometime this coming summer. We are assuming there will be a ribbon-cutting or grand opening-type event to celebrate and to give us an opportunity to recognize the efforts of AGP and so many others who have made it happen.

This plant opening will be one of the most significant events in the history of Aberdeen, and folks in the city and all over the area should be aware of the immensity of what is being done. Just driving past it is enough to convince anyone.

Earlier this week, I began my observations about Aberdeen in the State of the City Address hosted by the chamber of commerce by reaffirming the understanding that the foundation of our city is serving the farming and ranching operations surrounding us.

AGP’s soybean plant is obvious evidence. Now, think about the considerable influence and presence here by Agtegra in its new, post-merger position of huge prominence. DemKota Ranch Beef has more than 800 workers providing a local market every day at its plant, which is humming along now after a lengthy startup process.

Consider also that we are surrounded by ethanol plants, our agricultural financing services are comprehensive and competitive, and so many major farm- and ranch-related service and equipment dealers serve the entire area.

The opening of the soybean plant will be a super shot in the arm to complement all of the other agriculture-related aspects of the city and area. It should expand the trade area pull and also increase the frequency of visits to Aberdeen by area producers.

The most significant consequence of all this farm- and ranch-related activity is how it enhances the profitability and viability of producers in the area, which leads to brighter futures for the small towns, their school districts and the rural lifestyle.

The economic and family life viability of any household on a farm or in one of the smaller towns around Aberdeen is just as consequential to our future as the value of any household anywhere in the city limits.

Yes, farming and ranching is the foundation of our city, and when the AGP plant is ready to open it will be a great opportunity for us to recognize it.