Another horse dies at Santa Anita Park, 24th since December

Kate Feldman
New York Daily News

A scary trend continues at Santa Anita Park in southern California after another horse died at the race track.

Commander Coil, a 3-year-old gelding, was put down on May 17 after suffering a shoulder injury while training around 10 a.m.

“Equine shoulder injuries are rare, especially for a horse that is galloping as opposed to breezing or racing,” Stronach Group, which owns Santa Ainita Park, said is statement. “A comprehensive evaluation will be completed to understand what might have caused this uncommon injury.”

Commander Coil is the first horse euthanized at the track since March 31, when Arms Runner was put down after colliding with another horse and suffering an injury to his right front leg.

In total, 24 horses have died at Santa Anita Park since December.

The track shut down temporarily in March, after 21 horses had died, and all racing and training suspended. Santa Anita opened again in late March, two days before Arms Runner was euthanized.

At the time, the track called Arms Runner’s death “a gut-wrenching blow” and said it “speaks to the larger issue of doing all that we can to better understand and prevent such catastrophic injuries, not only at Santa Anita, but throughout California and across the country.”