POET ads to shine a spotlight on America’s farm crisis

Farm Forum

SIOUX FALLS — Biofuel producer POET, LLC is launching a major advertising campaign urging leaders in the nation’s capital to confront the economic crisis in rural America and support crop-based products like ethanol to revitalize farm income.

“American farmers are no strangers to adversity,” said Kyle Gilley, POET senior vice president of external affairs and communications. “They confront every obstacle with grim determination and a strong work ethic, but we are near a breaking point. Policymakers need to recognize that economic success in urban centers doesn’t mean anything to the rural families being left behind. Farm debt is set to hit a record high, while the latest Commerce Department report shows quarterly farm income fell $11.8 billion since December – a 25 percent plunge over just three months.”

POET’s six-figure campaign will feature cable spots during popular newscasts. The campaign also will include a broad range of digital advertising. Ads feature real farmers discussing real challenges facing rural communities, where the ethanol industry works hand-in-hand with local growers to support stronger markets and a stronger America.

“Policymakers can’t control the weather, but they do control access to growing markets at home and abroad,” said Gilley. “Delivering on the president’s promise to lift outdated restrictions against year-round sales of higher ethanol blends like E15 has never been more important. This one fix could unlock 1.3 billion gallons of ethanol demand within five years, and that’s just a start. But time is running out, and rural communities deserve our full support.”