Noem seeks review on Wildlife Damage Management and Animal Damage Control programs

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s Office
Farm Forum

PIERRE – Recently, the Governor’s Office signed an agreement with the Wildlife Management Institute that will launch an external review on South Dakota’s Wildlife Damage Management and Animal Damage Control Programs.

Earlier this year, Noem determined that these programs would undergo an external review to evaluate the efficacy of the services provided. This is coupled with constituent feedback received about the delivery and effectiveness of these programs and services.

“South Dakota landowners and producers will be a critical component to this review process,” said Noem. “I want to know what they have experienced when it comes to livestock loss, damage to stored-feed supplies and hay, damage to growing crops as well as personal property damage. Game, Fish and Parks has programs in place to help alleviate or reduce wildlife damage, and we need to ensure that the programs are delivered in a timely manner and that our landowners and producers are aware of how the programs work. This review will help document any necessary changes so improvements to services can be made.”

Through a formal Request For Proposals (RFP) process, the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) was awarded the project in April by the Governor’s Office. Work will begin in June with a final report provided and presented to the governor and the GFP Commission in December.

During the review process, WMI will evaluate the past 10 years of the two programs, including program policies and procedures; program operations and services; administration and organizational structure; budget and revenue sources; communication and outreach (internally and externally); transparency and accountability efforts; and identify strengths and weaknesses. In addition, WMI will conduct public surveys and interviews with GFP staff, the Animal Damage Control Policy Advisory Committee, GFP Commissioners and other stakeholders.