Barrel Racing Clinic to feature Charmayne James – Sept. 12-15

Double Bar J Cowboy Church
Farm Forum

Double Bar J Cowboy Church will be hosting its first Barrel Racing Clinic featuring eleven-time world champion barrel racer Charmayne James. The Clinic will be held in Huron, S.D. at the South Dakota State Fair Grounds at the Beef Complex Sept. 12-15.

Charmayne’s Barrel Racing career started at the age of 14, and she never looked back.

Taking a horse that her dad had bought to use at their feedlot and putting him on the barrel pattern for the first time, a star was born and his name was Scamper. Scamper had never seen a barrel but had a excellent handle on him from all the feedlot riding.

In the spring of 1982 after two weeks of training on the barrels, Charmayne and Scamper won their first barrel race. By the summer of 1983 Charmayne and Scamper was winning amateur rodeos — sometimes by a full second.

Charmayne then got her WPRA permit and went on to win at the PRCA Dodge City Round Up Rodeo. This was the beginning of an amazing career for Charmayne and Scamper. She told her dad that she wanted to start going to professional rodeos. He told her that if she did she would be responsible for paying her rodeo expenses. Then her dad asked her if she planned on trying to make the NFR. She said, “No sir, I am going to win the NFR.” She purchased her WPRA card later that year and Charmayne’s and Scamper’s professional career began.

Charmayne and Scamper had an amazing rodeo career. In 1994, after 10 world championships and over a million dollars in arena winnings, Charmayne retired Scamper to a life of ease.

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