July 2019 climate outlook: Challenges continue

SDSU Extension
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This year’s seasonal pattern of wetter than average conditions is projected to continue through July and the rest of the summer season.

The latest climate outlook, released June 20, 2019 shows an increased chance of wetter than average conditions in the next one to three months for the state of South Dakota. It appears that the many areas of the state, especially the Southeast, will likely continue to experience wet to saturated conditions with the wetter conditions for the remainder of the summer.

For Southeastern South Dakota, cooler than average conditions are favored for July and through the rest of the summer as well. Elsewhere in the state, there are equal chances of warmer, cooler, or near average temperature in the next one to three months. This will not help row crops grow much faster to “make up” for lost time due to late planting.

Growing season outlook

Cooler and wetter conditions would bring a few more challenges through this growing season. Weed management may continue to be challenging, as there may be difficulties accessing wet fields to spray or otherwise control weeds. It may also be difficult to find a good window of time to spray for some weeds as well, if precipitation and storms prevent field work from occurring.

Plant disease concerns often increase in wet and cool climates. As the row crops progress through the season, a close monitoring of plant conditions for signs of disease is advised.

Fortunately for some insects, the lack of heat units, or growing degree days, also slows down insect activity. There are already some insects that are active, so it is still advised to continue scouting for insect pressure in the fields to protect the crops that are already likely behind average growth for this time of year.

Current projections for pasture and forage production are optimistic, given the moisture we have had this season so far. Cooler conditions may reduce the yields in some areas. In general, average to above average production is expected, according to GrassCast, regardless of the precipitation for the remainder of the season.

July 2019 precipitation outlook shows increased likelihood of wetter than average conditions in South Dakota.