Brown County 2019 4-H Public Presentation Day results

Brown County 4-H Program
Farm Forum

Four Brown County 4-H Members participated in Public Presentation Day on April 22, 2019 K.O. Lee Aberdeen Public Library and four members participated on July 11 at the Agtegra Building.

Participants gave demonstrations, illustrated talks, and public speeches, which related to a 4-H project they were enrolled in. Each participant could receive a purple, blue, red and white ribbon placing.

Receiving top purples were: Anna Johnson, Alicia Davis, Ashlynn Warrington, and Logan Warrington, Dillon Browning, Carter Dreyer, Emma Bowser, and Zachary Bowser.

All the participants will be giving their presentations at the Brown County Fair.

They also have the option to participate at the State Fair over Labor Day weekend.