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Dakota Sharpshooters

The Dakota Sharpshooters 4-H Club met on July 9 at Wylie Park at 6 p.m. Emma Bowser led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Norman Johnson led the 4-H Pledge.

Ryan Goldade gave a talk on dog behavior, and Norman Johnson gave two talks on the parts of a rocket and how to launch a model rocket.

The old business discussed was June Dairy Month in which members handed out coupons Ken’s. Members also discussed Science Week that was three days in the middle of June for Brown County 4-Hers. The kids learned about science, and on the last day they took a field trip down to Brookings and went to the Children’s Museum and toured SDSU.

For new business members discussed the Brown County Fair and the State Fair: when the dates were and what was going to happen.

After the meeting members enjoyed a picnic and then went to Thunder Road. There will be no August meeting, so the next meeting is Sept. 3 at Northern Electric at 5:30 p.m. The hosts will be Jessemy, Isaiah, and Ada Sharp.

— Submitted by Anna Johnson, club reporter