Stevia Nutra acquires Minnesota licensed hemp grow operation

Stevia Nutra Corp.
Farm Forum

LAS VEGAS (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Stevia Nutra Corp. announces the appointment of Richard F. Kugelmann as chairman of the Board, and Dr. Robert Michet to the Board of Directors. Mr. Kugelmann to Stevia Nutra Corp. a vast knowledge in both the cannabis and hemp growing industry. Stevia is looking forward to completing its first cycle of hemp growing. The initial planting encompasses 145 acres in southern Minnesota prime farming land. Expansion will proceed on 160 acres of contiguous property, leased for the next five years, with options to expand its growing capacity to more than 1500 acres in the future. Stevia Nutra will be harvesting its first crop by the end of September 2019.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture has issued a limited number of licenses to farmers under its hemp pilot program, ordered by State Legislature last year. It is the first time that Hemp has been grown legally in Minnesota in 60 years, and Stevia Nutra Corp. is a participant in this great opportunity and poised to be a leader in this market.

Stevia Nutra Corp. is also looking forward to an additional licensed hemp farming agreement with the leasing of 6,000 acres in Iowa. A one acre parcel includes a successful test planting of the Stevia sweetener plant. Stevia Nutra is now exploring the planting of Stevia to be sold wholesale. This additional production of Stevia sweetener furnishes a separate and additional opportunity to farm both Hemp and Stevia, subject to the State of Iowa legislature’s vote to approve Hemp.

Mr. Kugelmann is quoted as saying, “Stevia Nutra Corp.’s consultants enjoy expertise in cultivation, extraction and distribution. We will continue to seek opportunities in both the Cannabis and Hemp industries. Those pursuits will be in growing, planting, product fabrication and distribution. We are confident that we have identified the best sources for of the best quality seeds. Additionally, we have identified and studied clones of 12 different strains all with high percentage of CBD, of high-quality cannabinol features. Our services are available for serious growers of any size of legal locations, in both Cannabis and Hemp, with a focus to assure the most profitable results.”

Stevia’s fiscal year-end is July 31, and will soon file its annual report. Following that filing, we will proceed to bring our status with OTCMarkets to “Pink Current Information.”