Three Angus juniors receive Stockman Award at NJAS

American Angus Association
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Showing is a huge part of the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) for obvious reasons, but there are also numerous contests that take place outside the show ring. The Overall Angus Stockman Award recognized three juniors who topped in three different contests during the 2019 NJAS, July 14-20 in Louisville, Kentucky. Truman Byergo of Missouri took home top honors in the senior division. Eric Schafer of Illinois won the intermediate division. Molly Rae Hansen of North Dakota received the junior division award.

To be eligible for the award, National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) members had to compete in the cattle judging, quiz bowl written exam and skill-a-thon contests while at NJAS. The total scores of the contests were combined to select the winners. The top individuals were selected based on age division – junior, intermediate and senior.

“It’s a big honor, to start with, to be able to represent my state at the national level by winning the Stockman Award,” Byergo said. “I always tried in intermediate, and it was just a surprise when I realized I could be in the running for the senior division this year.”

The Stockman Award, sponsored by Nichols Farm, Dave Nichols, is aimed to help youth, at all age levels, to expand their knowledge in all aspects of the cattle industry.

“I think it helps promote kids’ participating in the contests more,” Byergo said. “It’s a fun contest to be in and tests your knowledge of the Angus industry. Juniors should go it because it doesn’t take much time and is very rewarding.”

Schafer agreed and added it’s also of great educational value, as well.

“It’s a great way to get involved because you’re participating in three contests, and it gives you an opportunity to learn a lot not only about the Angus breed but also the cattle industry in general,” Schafer said. “I know there’s a lot of competition, so I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to win. It means you’re a well-rounded stockman.”

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