2019 Angus Genomics Symposium propels innovation within the Angus breed

Gabi Ius
Angus Communications

Cattle producers from around the country will head west to Reno, Nevada, Nov. 2-4 for the 2019 National Angus Convention and Trade Show, as well as the fifth-annual Angus Genomics Symposium. Sponsored by Neogen GeneSeek, the Angus Genomics Symposium and innovation workshops will host thought leaders discussing how to continue to increase progress and development in the beef industry and the Angus breed.

Keynote speaker Terry Jones, founder and former CEO of Travelocity and former chairman of Kayak.com, will serve as the lead keynote and highlight for the Angus Genomics Symposium on Saturday, Nov. 2 along with Brad Hine Ph. D., research scientist at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), who will discuss a new system of testing immune function. The afternoon innovation workshops will provide a hands-on experience on how to use genomic data to make better breeding choices and boost cattle care. These workshops will feature speakers like Dr. Tim Holt, pioneer of the pulmonary arterial pressure (PAP) test, who will discuss and walk producers through his hands-on measurement technique.

This year, we’re touching on business innovation and how producers have taken tried-and-true methods and incorporated those into new technology to move their business forward,” said Dan Moser, Angus Genetics Inc. president. “Terry Jones has been a front runner in providing a seamless user experience while promoting innovation from within a company itself. The American Angus Association and Neogen GeneSeek are proud to deliver an engaging slate of speakers who will provide Angus breeders practical applications they can take home to their operation.”

Jones will outline simple, yet powerful, ideas for fostering innovation in his electrifying keynote session. Booking travel was made easy, accessible and self-reliant when Jones disrupted the business of travel booking and founded Travelocity, the first website that allowed consumers to reserve, book and purchase travel online without going to a travel agency.

Hine will discuss his latest project with Angus Australia and CSIRO regarding the measurement of cattle immune competency. He has developed a cutting-edge method that allows for cattle immune function to be tested without the animal needing to contract the disease. Hine will share how his research has the potential to help create an EPD for Angus immune function that would allow producers to test and select the best breeding stock.

The innovation workshops will showcase the latest progress within the Angus breed, including using genomic data to learn how to not only produce better quality cattle, but also improve cattle care and comfort. Holt will give a live PAP test demonstration and explain how to use the results to pick the best breeders for herds living at high altitudes. Globally, Holt is a highly respected veterinarian who has worked in a multitude of countries testing cattle at high elevations and teaching this method to others. Members of the Neogen and Angus Genetics Inc. teams will also be leading interactive innovation workshops that show how to best utilize genomic data to make effective breeding decisions.

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