Local chefs, local bison to be reatured at Linden Hills Market

National Bison Association
Farm Forum

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — On Sept. 15, shoppers at the Linden Hills Farmers’ Market will discover new uses for America’s indigenous protein, as three local chefs put on a cooking demonstration featuring bison meat in several delicious dishes.

The demonstration is being coordinated by the National Bison Association (NBA) through grant funding provided by USDA’s Farmers’ Market Promotion Program.

Beginning at 10:30 a.m. on Sept. 15, Allen Michael of the Sioux Chef Indigenous Kitchen, Gabriel Carlson of Lowery Hill Meats, and food truck chef Spencer Perrone will provide cooking demonstrations, meat cutting techniques, and cooking tips. Michael is a sous chef with the Sioux Chef Indigenous Kitchen, Carlson is a butcher at the Lowery Hill Meat market, and Perone works in a popular Twin Cities barbecue food truck.

Dave Carter, NBA executive director, noted, “We are very excited about this pop-up. The three participants bring a wealth of knowledge and unique experience to this event and will provide a great showcase for locally raised bison meat.”

Michael, Carlson and Perrone will each be preparing a specialty dish featuring bison meat for Linden Hills shoppers to enjoy.

Those specialties will include bison street tacos, bison sliders, and bison barbecue.

Carter noted, “Many people think that cooking with bison is difficult in the average home kitchen. Our three chefs are going to demonstrate how easy it is for anyone to add some ‘wow’ to their family’s meal, or to their entertaining menu, with locally raised bison.”

The Minneapolis event is being co-sponsored by Sioux Chef Indigenous Kitchen, the Minnesota Bison Association, Silver Bison Ranch, LLC , Northstar Bison, Hess Meats, and Eichten Bison. Silver Bison, LLC is donating the ground bison for the event.