NCGA encouraged by US-Japan agreement in principle

National Corn Growers Association
Farm Forum

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Corn Growers Association welcomed the announcement that the United States and Japan have reached an agreement in principle that sets the stage for increased market access for American agriculture products in Japan.

“This is very encouraging news,” said NCGA President Lynn Chrisp. “Japan is the second-largest purchaser of U.S. corn and has been an important, longstanding trading partner with America’s corn farmers.”

Chrisp said NCGA is continuing conversations with the Trump Administration to learn more details on what specifically the Aug. 25 announcement will mean for America’s corn farmers.

The U.S.-Japan announcement follows recent Administrative actions that have added to growing economic concerns across rural America. On Aug. 23, the Chinese government announced it would levy an additional ten percent tariff on U.S. products, including corn and ethanol, in response to President Trump’s recent increase in tariffs on Chinese products. And earlier this month President Trump approved ethanol waivers to big oil companies, significantly reducing demand for corn.

“An agreement with Japan is an achievement NCGA has long advocated for and a much-needed breakthrough amid some challenging times,” Chrisp said. “There is more work to do. Moving forward, it’s important the Administration continue efforts to gain market access for U.S. products and work to reaffirm its commitment to renewable fuels.”