RDO Equipment Co. donates jackets to female North Dakota FFA members

North Dakota FFA Foundation
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FARGO, N.D. — Fargo-based RDO Equipment Co. has announced a partnership with the North Dakota FFA Foundation which results in a donation of all female FFA jackets given to North Dakota members through the Foundation’s program, Blue Jackets Bright Futures. The announcement comes on the heels of the 50th anniversary of women in the FFA, which was recognized on Oct. 15.

Each year, the North Dakota FFA Foundation provides hundreds of blue FFA jackets to members who may not have the financial resources and/or to those who have displayed and demonstrated leadership qualities and personal growth, through their program Blue Jackets Bright Futures. Each jacket given through this program is sponsored by a donor, through a $74.00 contribution. Any individual or organization can become a jacket sponsor.

To celebrate 50 years of the inclusion of women in the FFA, RDO Equipment Co. is donating all of the jackets given to female members of the North Dakota FFA through this program. Last year, the program gave 260 members the iconic corduroy jacket.

“RDO has always been eager to support the North Dakota FFA and the meaningful work the organization is doing with the youth of our state,” says Steve Connelly, RDO Equipment Co.’s vice president of Midwest agriculture. “With 2019 marking 50 years of women in the FFA, it was important we take this opportunity to celebrate alongside the FFA and recognize such a meaningful milestone for this organization and the overall strong presence of women in the agricultural industry.”

“We are so thankful for this incredibly generous gift by RDO,” says Tommy Winders, sponsor and program coordinator of the North Dakota FFA Foundation. “The Blue Jackets Bright Futures program is very special to our organization and RDO’s gift highlights their genuine commitment to the importance of the agricultural industries and its women.”

To highlight this special partnership, all of the jackets given through RDO Equipment Co.’s sponsorship will feature a commemorative patch on the inside of the jacket signifying the partnership and celebration of 50 years of women in the FFA.

Applications to receive one of these jackets are open and available until Nov. 15. Applicants can visit to apply. If you are interested in sponsoring a jacket for $74, visit

Members of the Mandan FFA Chapter (left to right) Jaden Kuntz, Michaela Rebenitsch, Lily Griffin and Peyton Voigt receive FFA jackets as part of the 2019 Blue Jackets Bright Futures program.