Farmers Business Network announces special offers to support family farms

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SAN CARLOS, Calif. — Farmers Business Network, the independent farmer-to-farmer network, announced on March 24 a new program to support family farms amid market turbulence, as farmers enter their critical planting period.

Over the next four weeks, FBN will be extending a range of special pricing offers on more than 80 vital seed and chemical products, discounted by up to 15 percent off our already low prices, to help farmers strengthen their bottom lines during this extraordinary time through the planting season.

“We are prepared to lead the industry in helping farmers, and by putting real dollars to work. We hope others will follow,” said Amol Deshpande, CEO and co-founder of Farmers Business Network. “FBN is doubling down on our mission to increase the profit potential of family farms through significantly reducing prices on major inputs.”

As a member of FBN, farmers join a network of over 10,500 farmers in the U.S. and Canada, who have come together to share unbiased information on input prices and seed performance, as well as real-world experiences managing the farm. Combined with online tools and resources to buy inputs, get crop marketing advice and access financing and insurance programs, FBN connects farmers with business tools to help them grow their profit potential.

“American and Canadian farmers are going to hit it extra hard this year,” said Cale Carlson of LEAAD Farms in Marquette, Neb. “As a member of FBN, I know I can rely on a tight knit community to help me through — whether it’s a conversation on the FBN Community forum, or just helping me think through some ideas. We’re all in this together and FBN has our back,” added Carlson.

In addition to lowering certain prices by up to 15 percent on chemicals and seed, farmers can receive a free membership offer with purchase and up to 30 days of 0% input financing for new members. (Terms and conditions apply.)

“The online, low-touch model of FBN is extremely adaptable to this challenge, and we are ready to provide farmers with reliable support, service and supply,” said Charles Baron, chief innovation officer and co-founder of Farmers Business Network. “We have taken significant measures to keep our farmers rolling through planting, while protecting the health and safety of the FBN community, which is our first and most important priority.”

Farmers have the flexibility to order inputs online or via phone, as well as schedule delivery or pick-up of chemical and seed orders at one of our 70+ new local FBN Hub locations positioned across the United States. All farmers are welcome at FBN Hubs. More information on health and safety measures for accessing FBN facilities can be found at

“FBN is 100% committed to bringing farmers the incredible value, savings, and service they have come to expect from us, no matter how challenging the situation,” added Deshpande. “And when the chips are down, we will invest more in our customers, not less.”

These offers are while supplies last, and farmers should visit or contact (844)-200-FARM for more details.