Beef Bucks giveaway: Cattlemen step up to the plate

Staff reports
Farm Forum

The Coteau Hills Cattlemen of the Watertown and surrounding area have been trying to come up with different ways to help the surrounding communities during the pandemic we’re in today.

With donations from Hamlin County Livestock Improvement Association and Pheasants Forever, Dry Lake Chapter #485, the Coteau Hills Cattlemen were able to purchase Beef Bucks to be given away to consumers to purchase beef. These specific $5 Beef Bucks were given away on the local radio stations by calling in to the stations.

By using the smaller increment of the Beef Buck, the Cattlemen are hoping to help more people purchase beef in these trying times. This is seen as a win/win situation for both beef producers and consumers. The Coteau Hills Cattlemen are also finalizing plans to distribute more Beef Bucks with the various food giveaways in the coming weeks and months to help those in need.