South Dakota FFA agri-scientists recognized

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BROOKINGS — The South Dakota FFA Agriscience Fair featured exhibits in six different categories (Animal Systems; Environmental and Natural Resource Systems; Food Products & Processing Systems; Plant Systems; Power, Structural & Technology Systems; Social Systems) and involves extensive research as well as writing a written report including information on previous studies related to the topic, their research and findings. The divisions are as follows: Division 1-2 (7-8th graders), Division 3-4 (9-10th graders) and Division 5 & 6 (11-12th graders). The Agriscience Fair was sponsored by Florence FFA, McCook Central FFA, Jason and Gail Gullickson and the South Dakota FFA Foundation

The top projects in each division will advance for a chance to compete at the National FFA Agriscience Fair at the National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana this fall. The top exhibits are as follows:

Animal Systems

The study of animal systems, including life processes, health, nutrition, genetics, management and processing, through the study of small animals, aquaculture, livestock, dairy, horses, and/or poultry. The sponsors for this area are Eichacker Simmentals, Salem Veterinary Service and Jim Chilson.

Division 1:

1. Colton Stiefvater, McCook Central

2. Marah Schock, McCook Central

3. Joe Grady, McCook Central

Division 3:

1. Ali Zacharies, West Central

2. Avery Miles, Doland

3. Keeleigh Elwood, Chamberlain

Division 4:

1. Emma Kuhlman and Hailey Overby, West Central

2. Karlye Maras and Maddie Leasure, West Central

3. Keighlor Nolz and Maia Kennedy, West Central

Division 5:

1. Hadley Stiefvater, McCook Central

2. Hunter Eide, Gettysburg

3. Mitchell Vander Wal, Northwestern Area

Division 6:

1. Zachary Brown and Maria Schaefer, West Central

2. Kiarra Stuck and Hailie Stuck, Northwestern Area

3. Ethan Kueter and Isak Edwards, West Central

Environmental Service/Natural Resource Systems

The study of systems, instruments and technology used in waste management; the study of the management of soil, water, wildlife, forests and air as natural resources and their influence on the environment. The sponsors for this area are Ducks Unlimited and Black Hills Forest Resource Association.

Division 1:

1. Dylan McGregor, McCook Central

2. Mason Sabers, McCook Central

3. Jamie Sabers, McCook Central

Division 2:

1. Ryan Blagg and Will Rotert, McCook Central

2. Mary Whaler and Isabela Jimenez, McCook Central

Division 3:

1. Megan Nash, Northwestern Area

2. Shane Johnson, Doland

3. Jack Linneman, West Central

Division 4:

1. Megan Stiefvater and Mason Pulse, McCook Central

2. Andrew Rick and Bennett Sebert, West Central

Division 5:

1. Caycee Schneider, Doland

2. Jace Haven, Northwestern Area

Food Products and Processing Systems

The study of product development, quality assurance, food safety, production, sales and service, regulation and compliance and food service within the food science industry. The sponsor for this area is the South Dakota Retailers Association.

Division 1:

1. JD Adam, McCook Central

2. Emma Schneider, Doland

3. Katrina Hiles, Doland

Division 2:

1. Vivian Koepsell and Grace Stoffel, McCook Central

2. Abby Wagner and Jasmine Krempges, McCook Central

Division 3:

1. Grace Harden, West Central

Division 4:

1. Randa Haak and Taryn Guinn, Chamberlain

2. Chase Olson and Connor Siemonsma, West Central

3. McKenna Sichmeller and Josslin Jarding, West Central

Division 5:

1. Paige Peterson, McCook Central

2. Natasha Allerdings, Doland

3. Mackenzie Grauel, West Central

Plant Systems

The study of plant life cycles, classifications, functions, structures, reproduction, media and nutrients, as well as growth and cultural practices, through the study of crops, turf grass, trees and shrubs and/or ornamental plants. The sponsors for this area are Next Level Ag and Central Farmers Cooperative.

Division 1:

1. Lane Deutsch, McCook Central

2. Jodyn Bawek, Doland

3. Haley Gilbertson, McCook Central

Division 2:

1. Lauren Roling and Maddy Lauck, McCook Central

Division 3:

1. Emma Husman, West Central

2. Hannah Davis, West Central

3. Sammie Mallinger, West Central

Division 4:

1. Regan LaBrie and Greeley LaBrie, Doland

2. Ruby Hoiten and Natalie Grocott, Montrose

3. Chelsea Shumaker and Melissa Anderson, West Central

Division 5:

1. Samantha Pappas, Groton

2. Alisha McMartin, West Central

Division 6:

1. Mason Oyen and Abigail VanRuler, Montrose

2. Bre Bossman and Epiphany Hammer, West Central

3. Micah Mellema and Clayton Starnes, West Central

Power, Structural, and Technical Systems

The study of agricultural equipment, power systems, alternative fuel sources and precision technology, as well as woodworking, metalworking, welding and project planning for agricultural structures. The sponsors for this area are Butler Machinery and Meyerink Farm Service.

Division 1:

1. Mason Tschetter, Doland

Division 2:

1. Jackson Remmers and Kolt Koepsell, McCook Central

Division 3:

1. Ethan Boekelheide, Northwestern Area

2. Grace DiGiovanni, McCook Central

3. Nicholas Troske, Northwestern Area

Division 5:

1. Madison Stroud, McCook Central

2. Dirby Bawek, Doland

3. Jesse Holdahl, West Central

Division 6:

1. Luke Nicholas and Noah Pressler, West Central

Social Science

The study of human behavior and the interaction of individuals in and to society, including agricultural education, agribusiness economics, agricultural communications, agricultural leadership and other social science applications in agriculture, food, and natural resources. The sponsors for this area are Bayer and the South Dakota Biotech Association.

Division 1:

1. Abbie Chase, McCook Central

2. Jaxon Koch, McCook Central

3. Karlie Stiefvater, McCook Central

Division 2:

1. Layla Stroud and Kaizha Blase, McCook Central

2. Carter Randall and Haden Stoffel, McCook Central

Division 3:

1. Ella Stiefvater, McCook Central

2. Max Matson, Gettysburg

3. Sawyer Styles, Northwestern Area

Division 4:

1. Hailie Kueter and Katelyn Lueth, Montrose

2. Caleb Kinzley and Christina Jimenez, McCook Central

Division 5:

1. Kayle Lauck, McCook Central

2. Kiara Ebbinga, West Central

3. Emma Grocott, West Central

Division 6:

1. Danika Gordon and Matea Gordon, Sturgis

2. Beth Nagel and Sasha Cordell, Gettysburg

3. Abby Blagg and Sophia Kaffar, McCook Central