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SDSU Extension is now accepting applications for class 5 of beefSD.

Since its inception in 2011, the beefSD program has provided intensive educational content that takes participants to the next level in beef enterprise management.

Participation in the program is an excellent opportunity for beginning beef producers to increase knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the industry and develop the skills needed to be successful beef business managers.

Ken Olson, SDSU Extension beef specialist, explains the impact the program can have on an operation.

“Ninety percent of alumni indicated their current financial situation has improved because of beefSD,” Olson said. “Nearly 70% have increased production acres, and 88% have made changes or improvements to their natural resource management.”

The beefSD program involves four main components over the course of two years: face-to-{span}SDSU Extension Accepting Applications for beefSD{/span}face workshops and interactive webinars, networking and mentoring, ranch-to-rail evaluation and out-of-state learning experiences. Workshops will take place throughout the state, and participants are expected to provide their own transportation to most in-state events. Other expenses associated with meetings, such as hotels and meals, will be covered through the program.

BeefSD is open to individuals with less than 10 years of management experience in beef production. If not currently involved in beef production, participants must possess a strong desire to be involved in it in the future.

A maximum of 20 operations will be selected for the program based on an application and a webinar interview. It is strongly encouraged that spouses, siblings or direct family members apply as one operation. Once selected, the registration fee is $1,250 per individual.

Applications for class 5 will be accepted from Aug. 8 to Sept. 9. The class is scheduled to begin in October and will end August 2022.

If interested in applying, contact Stacy Hadrick at or 605-347-1195, Ken Olson at, Krista Ehlert at or call 605-394-2236 for an application.

COVID-19 Impacts: COVID-19 precautions will be followed for face-to-face meetings and case studies. Adaptations will also be made to events and the schedule, if needed, depending on case numbers of COVID-19.