Three farm daughters build ND business on healthy ingredients

Adam Kurtz
Forum News Service

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — Sisters Annie Gorder, Grace Lunski and Mollie Ficocello discuss their Grand Forks-based business, Three Farm Daughters, with Forum News Service.

Question: Are you really three farm daughters?

Answer: Yes, we are. Back in 1993, our parents started their first-generation family farm based in Grand Forks, which continues to actively operate today. Our farm grows wheat, GoodWheat (a trademarked variety), corn, soybeans, edible beans, sugar beets and hemp. We are proud to be the second generation.

Q: Please tell us about your company. Was it easy to set it up?

A: Three Farm Daughters is a majority female-owned food company that focuses on nutrient dense, healthy food. Like all new ventures, there is a lot of research and start-up legwork that needs to be done to overcome obstacles, COVID-19 being one of them. However, we have been able to be malleable and adjust, and it has just rooted us stronger in our company beliefs of providing nutrient dense, healthy foods.

Q: What is your main product? Are people doing a lot of baking right now?

A: Our first product is our Everyday Flour, which we view as an ideal product to start with being amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With people spending more time in the home, baking and cooking has been on the rise. This has significantly increased the demand for baking ingredients, like flour. Studies also show consumers have become more health conscious during this time. What better way to help elevate people’s everyday pantry staples than providing a more nutritional option, while still having the same great taste and textures they know and love?

Q: What makes your flour different from other products?

A: Our Three Farm Daughters products are differentiated from traditional products because they offer better nutritional value, while not compromising on taste or texture. Our non-GMO products have attributes of high fiber, lower calories and reduced gluten content than their counterparts. Our products offer these nutritional benefits without having any additives or the use of substitutions. Our products have clean labels with minimal ingredients. If something is going to be on the ingredient legend, it will have a purposeful reason for being there. Our Everyday Flour has one ingredient, 100% wheat flour.

Q: Will you have other products in the future?

A: Absolutely. The great thing about our first product, our Everyday Flour, is that it is an actual ingredient. Being an ingredient that is used in so many of our everyday foods, it makes product expansion a very natural pathway to go. We have product plans for a pasta line, as well as other product concepts in the works.

Annie Gorder, left, Grace Lunski and Mollie Ficocello own Three Farm Daughters in Grand Forks, N.D.

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