'Flex Check' tool aimed at helping retailers with E15 compatibility

American Coalition for Ethanol
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ACE Helps Retailers Determine E15 Compatibility by Launching “Flex Check” Tool

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — The American Coalition for Ethanol on Sept. 16 launched a tool on its fuel-marketer focused website to provide retailers with a free way to check if their equipment is already E15 compatible. Available 24/7, the “Flex Check” E15 compatibility tool will arm retailers with the confidence and information they need to make a conversion all in one place.

With USDA set to announce Higher Blend Infrastructure Incentive Program (HBIIP) grant recipients any day now, ACE’s focus turns to marketers who have fueling equipment already E15 compatible, but may not be aware of that fact.

“Adding new E15 and flex fuel locations with programs like HBIIP makes ethanol blended fuel more available and visible, but to move significant gallons, we need widespread conversions on top of new construction,” said Ron Lamberty, senior vice president of ACE. “A huge number of retailers have E15-compatible equipment and could sell it tomorrow without a big investment. But they don’t know, because they’ve been told by their petroleum suppliers it’s impossible for most stations to offer E15, and very expensive for others. We just want them to check, because we know a lot of them will be very surprised.”

The Flex Check compatibility tool uses National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) studies and ACE’s research with equipment companies to give retailers a place to enter the manufacturer or model of tanks, piping, and other equipment they have on site, and find out if they are already E15 compatible.

“Some stations owners will be able to download documentation they need to provide EPA if they decide to sell E15,” Lamberty added, “and if they’re not ready to sell E15, this tool will help them identify parts of their system that need to be replaced, and most retailers will be surprised at how cost effective adding E15 can be.”