Tree Talk: Cooler temperatures mean fall colors

Tree Talk

Aaron Kiesz
Aberdeen City Forester

The cooler temperatures and sunny days we’ve been having bring better chances for fall color in our trees.

The weather conditions we have been experiencing have already promoted better color variations in certain tree species. Currently, species that are showing color include green ash, maple varieties including Amur maple, aspen, and evergreens.

Yes, I said evergreens.

Spruce and pine will provide fall color with their interior needles turning yellow and then dropping. Spruce lose their five-to-seven-year-old needles and pine lose their three-year-old needles. This year it is more noticeable due to favorable conditions. Fall color changes in evergreens are sometimes greeted with concern from tree-owners, as it appears they are becoming sick.

Along with the fall season, it is also important to keep watering your trees. Trees require consistent moisture year-round to develop and maintain a good root system and healthy canopy. As trees prepare for winter, this moisture will help them not only harden off, but will also add a layer of protection through winter. The hot, dry summer we experienced has left us with poor soil moisture, so keep watering until the ground freezes up.

Aaron Kiesz