Operator of the Year award benefits Groton American Legion

Staff reports
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GROTON, South Dakota — While the Operator of the Year award would typically be presented to an operator, Butler Ag Equipment and the AGCO Corporation had something different in mind for its 15th year.

In light of the pandemic, the award is instead being used to give back to local communities. Retailers who had previously nominated winning operators were sought out once again — this time, to pick a charity.

Andrew Myburgh, a previous winning operator, selected the Groton American Legion to receive his $2,000 donation.

Application professionals provide critical services to growers throughout North America, with skills that improve crop yields and farm revenues. AGCO’s Operator of the Year award recognizes these contributions and is traditionally presented to operators nominated by retailers for high levels of performance, leadership, community support and involvement.

However, in consideration of recent healthcare and economic challenges that communities have faced from the coronavirus, providing assistance directly to charitable organizations in 2020 best exemplifies the overall values that the program seeks to reward. The program will return to its original structure of awarding nominated operators in 2021.

Myburgh was able to give back to the Groton American Legion with a gift that will stay close to home. The Groton American Legion is a part of the nationwide non-profit organization of U.S. war veterans.

For more information regarding AGCO’s Operator of the Year program, go to applylikeapro.com/operator-of-the-year.

Rick Rozell and Andrew Myburh present a $2,000 donation to Samantha Oswald and the Groton American Legion as part of Butler Ag Equipment’s Operator of the Year award.