Quarterly dairy goat webinar begins in January

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
Farm Forum

AMES, Iowa — The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach dairy team will begin a quarterly webinar starting Jan. 6 from noon to 1:15 p.m. CST.

This first webinar will focus on managing and feeding the transition doe as dairy goat producers head into the freshening season. This webinar will provide strategies for improving herd health, feeding and overall management of the transitioning doe to optimize milk production, reduce metabolic disease and produce healthy kids.

Veterinarian Vicky Lauer will give a presentation on pre and post fresh doe management, covering herd health concerns around the time of kidding. Lauer is a professional services veterinarian for Armor Animal Health, where she focuses on improving cattle and goat health through optimum management and prevention strategies. She works with multiple goat dairies and kid raisers throughout Wisconsin and has a small herd of registered Nubian dairy goats as well.

Morgan Allen will discuss feeding and managing the transition doe, bridging nutrition from dry/pregnant to milking/not pregnant. Allen is a nutritionist with Big Gain Inc., where she focuses on dairy cattle and dairy goat nutrition. She also owns a small commercial dairy goat farm located in southeast Minnesota.

There is no fee to attend the program; however, registration is required.

Registration is available online.

Quarterly seminars focused on goats will begin Jan. 6.