Campbell County, SD, now home to Mesonet weather station

South Dakota State University Extension
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BROOKINGS, S.D. — The state’s weather network, the South Dakota Mesonet at South Dakota State University, has installed a new weather station near Mound City in Campbell County with the support of the Campbell County Conservation District.

“The Campbell County Conservation District stepped up to support this station and we’re glad to be working with them,” said South Dakota Mesonet Director Nathan Edwards.

According to Edwards, the station will provide critical information to Campbell County residents that common weather sources aren’t able to gather. The Mesonet’s network of automated weather stations provides real-time weather and soil reports.

“The Mesonet provides local coverage with 32 stations throughout South Dakota,” Edwards said. “It addresses needs for individuals like sprayers, forecasters and emergency managers who need updates every five minutes rather than hourly. The Mesonet also deploys special sensors that enable it to provide specialized reporting on metrics like crop water demand.”

The weather stations stream data 24/7 to the National Weather Service for improving forecasts and severe weather monitoring. Due to the Mesonet’s importance to the food supply chain and public safety, it is considered essential infrastructure and operations have continued uninterrupted during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The South Dakota Mesonet weather station near Mound City in Campbell County, S.D., was recently installed by South Dakota State University.