Bee Better certification program gaining steam

Jocelyn Benjamin
USDA Public Affairs Specialist

Bees are a lifeline for farms producing the world’s fruits, vegetables, nuts and other nutrient-rich foods. Bees pollinate billions of dollars’ worth of crops and play an essential role in our food supply. Pollinators are responsible for one in every three bites of food we eat and contribute more than $15 billion to our nation’s crop values each year.

But these days, we don’t see as many bees. That’s because they are dying at an increasing rate, making the future of our food security uncertain. Their plight is hardly a secret, and increasingly concerned citizens are responding with meaningful solutions.

Collaborations between farmers and USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service to create better landscapes for bees and other pollinators have been going on for several years. The recently launched Bee Better certification program funded through the NRCS Conservation Innovations Grant program has gained interest from big names in retail.

The Bee Better certification program certifies the use of pollinator-friendly conservation practices on farms. After the farmer is Bee Better certified, they can use the Bee Better seal on their product packaging, giving consumers

Bee Better certification certifies the use of pollinator-friendly conservation practices.
The Bee Better Seal can be found on certified bee-safe products.
A flying bee.