Feeder cattle and how to differentiate their value

Whitney Whitaker
American Angus Association

Traditionally, cow-calf producers have found themselves without a way to differentiate their product. Today, that’s not the case. A shift from commodity-based marketing to value-based marketing is happening, and it is good news for cattlemen.

“We consider this a revolution in marketing because every other sector of the business understood the value of genetics and differentiating their product based on those specifications,” said Troy Marshall, director of commercial industry relations at the American Angus Association, in a news release. “Here is an opportunity for the cow-calf producer to participate in value-based marketing.”

During the Angus University “Revolutionary Marketing” webinar on Feb. 16, Marshall shared that cattle producers have invested in good genetics and now is the time they can stand out in the marketplace. Commercial cattle producers can capture the value created by exceptional management and genetics they put into their cattle. For seedstock producers, he also shared how the AngusLinkSM program can serve as a customer service tool that benefits their commercial customers.

AngusLink is the umbrella program that covers the genetic merit scorecard, U.S. Department of Agriculture Process Verified Programs and the Global Animal Partnership certification, according to the release. Depending on operational goals, producers can get paid for the work they are already doing by enrolling and earning market access and market flexibility.

As this revolution builds steam, the “network effect” will continue to be greater the more people get on board. Marshall believes that participating gives producers the opportunity to improve their operations and truly make a difference in the industry.

Revolutionary Marketing was the latest in a series of Angus University webinars, conducted monthly by the association, designed to sharpen the skills of cattle producers. Angus University provides education and resources to cattle producers in all segments of the beef industry, including American Angus Association members. To learn more, visit www.angus.org/university. All past webinars are recorded and available to view at http://bit.ly/auplaylist.