Prairie Sky Ranch hosts riding clinic with Josh Lyons

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VEBLEN – For the second year, Prairie Sky Guest & Game Ranch, Veblen, S.D., is proud to host a 3-day horse riding clinic at the ranch on Saturday through Monday, July 20-22, with Josh Lyons of Cross Plains, TN. As an added bonus, Josh’s father, John Lyons, known as “America’s most trusted trainer,” will be at the ranch on Friday evening, July 19, to present a free demonstration to anyone interested in learning both John’s and Josh’s training methods.

While Josh was growing up on a cattle ranch in western Colorado, training horses was not the Lyons family focus at the time; rather, it was earning a living from livestock. Soon Josh’s dad, John Lyons, switched gears from working cattle to training horses. When John decided to share his training methods with others, Josh was there with him traveling the country and riding in the clinics. At age 16, Josh gave weekend clinics, trained horses, and conducted private instruction at a facility in Minnesota. It was then he realized that he too had a passion for training horses and a gift for teaching people.

In addition to developing his own equine educational products, Josh appears on TV and contributes articles for various horse publications. Josh is a regular guest at all the major horse expos, such as: Equues America, Equine Affaire, and Equitana. In 2002, he won the highly celebrated “In a Whisper” challenge.

John Lyons is renowned for his gentle, conditioned response training approach. Through his more than 33 years of conducting clinics, demonstrations, and symposiums, along with his extensive collection of books and videos, he has helped thousands of horse owners worldwide increase their understanding of their horses and achieve a trusting relationship with them.

During a 3-day clinic, riders and their horses will practice the foundation exercises, lessons and principles of the Lyons method. Each clinic day begins at 9 a.m. and finishes at 5 p.m., with a lunch break midday.

Every clinic is customized for the riders! No matter what level you are currently riding, every lesson can be tailored to what you and your horse need. Many lessons and principles stay the same for every level, but Josh will show you how to adapt the lesson, making your horse feel confident and eager to learn. Don’t be afraid of signing up because you feel you are not ready. Josh’s clinics are designed to be safe, motivating, and effective whether you’ve been riding for one month or 20 years.

Wondering what horse to bring or worried your horse is too green for a 3-day clinic? As long as your horse has been ridden at a walk, trot, and lope, he is perfect for the clinic. Invest in yourself and your horse by riding in a clinic and expect to leave the clinic with a better trained horse.

The Josh Lyons 3-day clinic at Prairie Sky Ranch is limited to 15 participants with horses (first-come, first-served). An unlimited amount of spectators are welcome to observe the training each day. Please bring your own lawn chairs or blankets for seating. Primitive camping spots will be available (no water, sewer, or electrical hookups). A limited amount of lodging is obtainable at the ranch.

On Saturday and Sunday evenings, guests are welcome to join Josh around the campfire for a question and answer session. Meals will be available during the clinic.

For more information, please call 800-587-2411. You may also go to these websites: or