2013 South Dakota State 4-H Horse Quiz Bowl Contest

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Are you quick with a buzzer and want to test your knowledge of equine-related subject matter in a competitive setting? Join your county’s 4-H Horse Quiz Bowl team and compete at the 2013 South Dakota State 4-H Horse Quiz Bowl Contest on Tuesday, July 23, during the South Dakota State 4-H Horse Show in Huron, S.D. This exciting and fast pace contest is open to all 4-H members, including those who many not own a horse.

Each county may enter two teams to compete at the state contest. The competition will follow the National Contest process and procedures. A team may consist of four no more than five members. Only senior contestants, ages 14-19, are eligible to compete for the national trip award, the 2014 National Western Roundup Quiz Bowl Contest, held in Denver, Colorado. Last year’s winning team from the state competition went on to place 5th Overall.

There are three types of questions used during the quiz bowl contest.

· One-on-One Questions: Individuals contestants may respond. These points will count towards individual and team scores.

· Toss-Up Questions: Open to response by all contestants. These points will count toward individual and team scores. Three toss-up questions will have a bonus question attached and in general will be somewhat more difficult.

· Bonus Questions: Given to the team member who has correctly answered the toss-up question. The team is given 10 seconds to confer on the question which usually has more than one part. All parts of the bonus question must be answered before any points will be awarded. These points will count towards a team score. Only one member of the team will answer; however, other team members may feed information to the individual answering.

What do you need to compete in the quiz bowl contest? Get ready to be challenged and bring a positive attitude. Contestants must wear a white button-up shirt, which can be long or short sleeved, boots and denim jeans. Those who participate in the English discipline are allowed to wear their English attire. The contest will start at 4:00 p.m. in the Women’s Building on the South Dakota State Fairgrounds. Awards will be handed out at 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday in the Expo Building.


Interested youth are encouraged to contact their Horse Project Leader or 4-H Youth Program Advisor to register for the state contest. For a full list of rules and other youth in action contest held during the South Dakota 4-H Horse Show, please refer to the South Dakota 4-H Horse Show Guide available at

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